Jun 13

Building a Biotech Business: The Big Picture & The Nitty Gritty

Campbell Alliance Deal Makers Intention Survey

Thursday June 13th from 10:15am-11:30am

Following a highly successful Super Session at the BIO International Convention, Campbell Alliance is pleased to present the results of its fifth annual Dealmakers’ Intentions Survey, the only forward-looking measure of deal-making activity in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. While there are many quality sources of information that look historically at past deal trends, this survey offers a prospective view of the partnering and licensing landscape for the year ahead.

Please join us for a highly interactive discussion with a panel of local senior executives who will address these issues and others. A comprehensive white paper summarizing the results will be distributed onsite at the event.

Neel Patel, Director, Campbell Alliance

Confirmed Panelists:

Neil Berkley, Director, Business Development, Cadence Pharmaceuticals
Michael D. Step, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Santarus, Inc.
McDavid Stilwell, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Business Development, Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.
Charles Theuer, President & CEO, TRACON Pharmaceuticals

The US Government As A Customer — What Does That Look Like?

Thursday June 13th from 11:45am-1:00pm

The US Government is likely to be your company’s largest customer. By 2012, over 50% of Americans are expected to receive benefits through a publicly funded program. As your company prepares to bring a product to market, a Government Programs (GP) compliance strategy is critical for commercial success. Participation in GP—Medicaid, Medicare, VA, and the PHS program—requires that manufacturers have the appropriate controls and procedures in place to ensure the accuracy of their pricing and calculations. In this workshop, CIS will discuss the requirements for developing a GP compliance strategy and use a timeline to introduce the specific components of the commercialization process as it relates to GP participation. WomanCare Global will then describe how the US Government also funds product developers to bring health products to emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  For certain health products, the US Government is the largest purchaser in the world, and subsidizes massive sales and distribution in the developing world.  This workshop will discuss product regulatory requirements in these emerging market settings, including the challenges of registering and distributing products in places such as Kenya and India.

Linda L. Schock, Director, Commercial Compliance & Government Programs Compliance Implementation Services (CIS)

Confirmed Panelists:

Chastain Fitzgerald, President of Programs, WomanCare Global
Mary Jarosz, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, WomanCare Global
Claudia Martinez, Sr. Manager, Contracts & Pricing at Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Navigating the Technology Transfer Maze

Thursday June 13th from 2:45pm-4:00pm

So, you’ve seen a great discovery or technology developed in academia that you think has the potential to translate into an amazing product. How do you unlock that technology from within the walls of the ivory towers so that it can reach its full potential? The process can be fraught with challenges; however strides are being made at a number of institutions to make the process of technology licensing much smoother. Representatives from the technology transfer offices of major California universities and research institutions as well as lawyers handling licensing in the life sciences will offer advice on how to navigate the confusing process of technology transfer.

Mark Benedict, Partner, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear

Confirmed Panelists:

Scott Forrest,Vice President of Business Development, The Scripps Research Institute
Karin Immergluck, Acting Director, Technology Management, UCSF Office of Innovation, Technology and Alliances
Philip Low, Founder, Chairman CSO and CEO, NeuroVigil
Teri Melese, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Industry Research Alliances, UCSD

Defining the Next-Generation Biopharma

Thursday June 13th 4:15pm-5:30pm

What is driving the future growth of the biopharmaceutical industry? How do companies need to shape their pipeline portfolios to optimize their long-term strategic position? This session will explain the growing importance of targeted therapeutics for smaller patient populations from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective and explain how organizations need to re-tool to perform well in the changing landscape. The need to address the changing health care delivery model will also be discussed, including specifics on how biopharmaceutical companies can adapt.

Jeff Elton, Managing Director, Life Sciences, Accenture


Audience members chosen at random

Law & Order: The Biotech Edition

Friday June 14th from 10:00am-11:15am

Anything you say or do can and will be held against you, so how you structure your company from the beginning can ultimately determine your company’s success. The wrong structure for your business with regard to early term equity could ultimately make it impossible to bring on more investors or partners later, killing your company before you reach the finish line. In this fireside chat, a few of the life science industry’s most successful and experienced legal eagles, investors and executives will share common pitfalls to avoid when structuring your company as well as provide insights into how to think ahead from a legal standpoint about your business.

Ross Burningham, Partner, DLA Piper

Confirmed Panelists:

Dan Burgess, CEO, Rempex Pharmaceuticals
Don Grimm, Board of Directors, Life Technologies
Nimesh S. Shah, Partner, Domain Associates

Leveling the Playing Field

Friday June 14th from 11:30am-12:45am

In this evolving healthcare landscape, both novice and seasoned CEOs seem to be on a level playing field. The recipe for success used ten years ago today simply will not do in today’s life science innovation ecosystem. To make matters more difficult, the venture capital market now requires entrepreneurs to demonstrate a full understanding of a drug’s market potential and have explored reimbursement before ever moving into the clinic. This session will be conducted in an interview style where a first-time CEO will quiz seasoned industry veterans about the changing landscape, issues they encountered and how they’ve had to change their game. Panelists will share their collective wisdom in candid personal anecdotes that illustrate important tips and “dos” as well as common “don’ts” and how to avoid them.

Peter B. DiLaura, President & CEO, Second Genome

Confirmed Panelists:

Wendy S. Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aires Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Mark Schwartz, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Galena Biopharma, Inc.
Steve Worland, President and CEO, eFFECTOR

Keeping Your Options Open

Friday June 14th from 1:45pm-3:00pm

A diamond may be forever, but these days, biotech companies may not be. Is it possible to build a company with a lasting legacy in this industry anymore? In this day and age of limited venture capital and a weak IPO market, more and more companies are being built on the virtual model, with no intent of going the long haul. However, many entrepreneurs are passionate about their company’s products in development and want to see things all the way through to commercialization. Panelists will participate in a lively debate about whether it is possible to design a business plan that will keep ALL of your options open and convince early investors to buy in to the possibility of creating lasting value.

Gail Maderis, CEO, BayBio

Confirmed Panelists:

William Gerhart, Former CEO, Elevation Pharmaceuticals
Steven James, President and CEO, Labrys
Jack Lief, President & CEO, Arena Pharmaceuticals
Gerald T. Proehl, President & CEO, Santarus, Inc.