Oct 16

Steven T. Walker, M.S., P.G.

Abigail Alliance For Better Access To Developmental Drugs

Steven T. Walker, M.S., P.G.Mr. Walker is Co-Founder of the Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs. His responsibilities include regulatory and legislative efforts, scientific direction, advocacy for patient’s rights, spokesperson for the alliance on regulatory and scientific issues, and author of papers, articles and editorials written to educate the public regarding the Alliance’s positions and initiatives. Mr. Walker also coordinates the activities of the Alliance’s other advisors and volunteers, and assists individual patients and families in their efforts to gain access to investigational therapies in and outside of clinical trials.

Mr. Walker became an advocate for patients suffering from serious and life threatening diseases as a consequence of his wife’s (Jennifer I. McNeillie, B.S., Biology; M.S. Marine Science/Geology; P.G.) diagnosis with advanced cancer in December 2000. He recognized the need for scientific and regulatory change in September 2001 after learning first-hand of the serious problems with FDA’s drug development, approval and access policies. Mr. Walker joined with Abigail Alliance Founder and President Frank Burroughs in December 2001 and initiated the Alliance’s efforts focused on FDA reform and patient’s rights.

Mr. Walker is an accomplished applied scientist with 26 years of experience in the environmental science and engineering field. He has conducted hundreds of scientific investigations, authored a similar number of scientific reports, and implemented real world remedies to complex environmental problems in the multi-disciplinary and highly-regulated field of hazardous waste site investigations and clean ups. He has owned and managed an environmental science and engineering consulting firm for 21 years, and continues to personally conduct and manage major scientific projects.

Mr. Walker conceived and authored the Tier 1 Initial Approval proposal that formed the basis for the Abigail Alliance’s Citizen’s Petition submitted to FDA in June 2003, and for the Access Act introduced in three recent sessions of Congress. He provided scientific, regulatory and factual support for the Abigail Alliance’s lawsuit against the FDA (Abigail Alliance v. von Eschenbach) and authored articles on the subjects of patient access to investigational therapies, the rights of seriously- and terminally-ill patients to access medical progress, modernization of drug development and approval science, and FDA reform. He has provided testimony to the Institute of Medicine and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.