Sep 27

Nicole Boice

President & Founder, RARE Project

Nicole BoiceNicole BoiceNicole founded RARE Project in 2008, with the goal of helping families affected by rare disease connect with tools and resources and find support more quickly. She was personally touched by rare disease through a friend and their son that struggled to find a diagnosis for 2.5 years. Once diagnosed they uncovered that there were no treatments or cures for their sons disease.

As a marketer, and enraged by the discovery that rare disease affects over 350 million people worldwide, has little to know awareness, few treatments and no cures, Nicole immediately saw an opportunity to apply her expertise in a way that could help this community at large.

Nicole has held numerous consulting, sales and marketing executive roles in her 25 years in business. Nicole has a passion for launching new products, building new organizations. Nicole has worked with world-class organizations in Media, Venture Capital, Pharmaceutical and High Tech sectors. A Graduate of the University of California San Diego, with a BA in Political Science, proud wife and mother of two children.