We are in the process of setting up this year’s conference, but we wanted you to give you a sneak peak of what we have in the works. Trust us, this year will be even more exciting!

The Future of Healthcare: It’s Digital, It’s Connected and It’s Consumer-Driven

Consumers and payers are demanding a new generation of digital, connected healthcare, and California is in a unique position to take advantage of this revolution. The confluence of scientific, medical, engineering and wireless technology hubs – fueled by universities and independent institutes—is providing the ideal environment for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to start, support and grow successful companies. This track will include an all-star line-up of speakers who will present the big picture and then go deeper into revolutionary technologies, who will pay for them and how entrepreneurs can create businesses around them.

Capital Case Studies

Once investment darlings, the gravy days for the life science industry are over and not likely to return. Still, private and public money is available for those who can set themselves apart from the crowd. This track will share case studies from companies, investors and others who’ve successfully obtained financing in this new, harsher environment.

The Future, 2030

The year is 2030 and biotechnology is recognized as one of humankind’s greatest intellectual enterprises. Cancer is a manageable disease and world hunger has largely been alleviated. The life sciences industry has been an investment hub for private and public investors for more than a decade and public opinion on biotechnology is at an all-time high. But what provided the impetus for biotechnology’s golden age? This track will explore the major hurdles our industry faces today, provide useful proposals on what can be done to remove those obstacles and provide a vision of what the industry will look like in 20 years.

Life Science Speed Dating: Finding the Diamond Ring from VCs and Pharma

The speed dating track is a fast, fun format that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet venture capital and pharma execs one-on-one. The track will include four, 75 minute sessions divided between traditional VC early stage, traditional VC mid/late stage, corporate/strategic VC and pharmaceutical business development. The session will open with a rapid fire Q&A with VCs/pharma execs about their current investing or partnering strategies and what they look for in an ideal investment.

Following the Q&A, four pre-selected companies will get to make three-minute pitches to the VC/partner panel and receive on-the-spot critiques. Judged by audience applause, one entrepreneur will win a date (an extended one-hour meeting) with the VC or partner of their choice. Following the live pitch, the VCs/partners will be sent to stations and all audience entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to speak with one. Each entrepreneur will get two minutes to pitch their story and then, if time allows, go to another station for another pitch opportunity. The audience will then come back together and each VC/partner will select a winner from each group to have an extended one-hour meeting.

Building a Biotech Business: The Big Picture & The Nitty Gritty

This track shares the fundamental information you will need to build a successful biotech business in the rapidly evolving life science landscape, factoring in the new normal since the 2008 economic collapse. Panels will explore how even successful, seasoned executives change their game, structuring a company to allow for future flexibility, and whether it is even possible to build a biotech company with a lasting legacy.