CALBIO2013: Success Redefined

California. The birthplace of the biotechnology industry and home to the largest and most productive concentration of life science companies in the world. Over the years, our focus has remained constant – discover the next great thing and turn it into reality. While capital sources, scientific insights and models inevitably evolve and cycle, with the world’s experts in life sciences, California innovates, adapts and continuously redefines the business models, technologies, targets, and development and commercial strategies that drive success.

Today, these innovations and the skills needed to move them forward, our changing faster than ever and California is setting the pace. CALBIO 2013 offers highly unique, one of a kind programming so join us the experts, and learn how we are doing ‘IT’ today, not tomorrow.

Program teaser (tracks will include sessions on):

  • Capital Case Studies
  • The Future of Healthcare: It’s Digital, It’s Connected and It’s Consumer-Driven
  • Speed Dating – Finding the Diamond Ring
  • The Future: 2030
  • Building a Biotech Business-The Big Picture & The Nitty Gritty

Steven B. Engle

CEO, Averigon Consulting Steve EngleSteve Engle has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the biotechnology, drug delivery and device industries. He is CEO of Averigon Consulting, an advisory firm to the life science industry. Mr. Engle was Chairman and CEO of XOMA, a developer of monoclonal antibody therapeutics including XOMA 052, an anti-inflammatory …

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Steven T. Walker, M.S., P.G.

Co-Founder Abigail Alliance For Better Access To Developmental Drugs Steven T. Walker, M.S., P.G.Mr. Walker is Co-Founder of the Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs. His responsibilities include regulatory and legislative efforts, scientific direction, advocacy for patient’s rights, spokesperson for the alliance on regulatory and scientific issues, and author of papers, articles and …

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